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Reflection – Artificial Lighting

So during our seminar with Tony, we were talking about the use of artificial lighting in photography.
With this we were talking about when it is needed and when it can be used to increase the quality of the image.
As well as this, we were also talking about the several types of artificial lighting available to use which includes things such as flash guns, profesional lighting and things such as street lamps and what effects they can have on the image.
After this we went into a little more depth about the types of studio lighting that can be used, and their pro’s and con’s when they’re being used.
After this, we then went off in pairs around the campus to practise the use of artificial lighting in an image and how it can be used correctly. So for this, me and my friend went off into the small wooded area at the side of the campus as this would allow us to take some images of the greenery and use the flash to fill in any overcast shadows from the bright light.
This worked out better than I thought it would and I collected some very nice images from this practise challenge and this gave me a better understanding of the new flash gun that I have recently purchased. Which will come in useful for the first part of our unit when I have to use lighting creatively in my halloween photoshoot.

Reflection on Embedding

So today in our seminar we went through the several types of file formats used in images and which ones are best used for uploading and embedding onto the internet.
We firstly went through the basic file formats such as PNG’s and JPEGS which are the most popular types of file formats found and used for image uploading on the internet due to their compression effectiveness and popularity.
After going through these we then talked about the strengths and weaknesses of JPEGS as they are the most popular and majorly used file format for images on the internet. They are very popular due to the high count of colours which are supported in their files, along with them being the default image format for photos on the web they also allow agressive “lossy” compression of files which then makes them quickly uploaded and sent via the internet.
The downside the compression of files sizes means that the images generally lose a lot of data and quality as well as usually being quite “glitchy”. Which can case quite a problem when you want you image to be as a higher quality as possible.
After this we then went through a few more unknown and less useful file formats such as TIFF’s and BMP’s, which are a slightly different to normal file formats and can cause problems when being sent to other people or uploaded onto the internet due to them being uncommon to other types.

After learning about the several file types, we were shown how to upload and embed images and videos onto our wordpress so that then we could use these skills on our 3 different posts which were uploaded earlier.

Overview & Natural Lighting

So during this seminar we firstly went through the overview of our first unit of the course after finishing our foundation project.
We have been given 5 different topics/themes to shoot which have all got a separate techniques we need to specify in each.
The 5 themes/topics are:

  1. Halloween – Use of Light
  2. Markets – Apeture
  3. Sporting Event – Lens Types
  4. Tropical World – Shutter Speed
  5. Urban Landscapes – Special Techniques

After going through these we then started on going through natural lighting. Tony, our tutor for this part of our course began going through the different types of natural lighting and what effects we can gain from not only the times of days, but also the angle and direction in which the lighting is coming from.
From this seminar I learnt a lot about different techniques when it comes to shooting in natural lighting and it gave me a lot to practise. So in the last part of our seminar, we were given the time to go out around the campus to shoot some images and try and get at least one image from each type of lighting. But unfortunately, due to living in England in the middle of autumn, it seemed that the sun decided it didn’t want to come out from behind the clouds, so it was difficult for us to capture some strong lighting effects outside.
So to get around this, we used went to the edge of the campus where there are a group of trees and used the shade to emphasise the light cast onto the leaves and the trees which worked out much better than expected.

Impact of Digital Journalism

Through this seminar, we were talking about the debate on how original journalism is now transferring into digital journalism.
To begin with, we first spoke about the different types of visual effects of technology on journalism.
We began with talking about how not only is print becoming obsolete, but also the power that social media has gained over the past few years.
We also then began talking about the transfer between old and new media and the capabilities each of them hold.
This talk was also going on through the same time that general Gedaffi had being captured and killed by the rebels so this gave a great example when we looked on a traditional styled media-based website like bbc where they have to stick to the old rules which means they are unable to post a piece of fact without two other legitimate sources agreeing which then leads to a long waiting time. Whereas other online website such as social media websites can post anything without needing to stick to this rule. But due to this there is never any positive guarantee of accuracy. This then gives a negative to what seems such a fast and quick type of news release and it was easy to see the positives and negatives of each type of news.

Reflection On Ethics & Photo Journalism

So unfortunately, in this seminar our tutor Mike couldn’t make it due to illness, so our class had to join with a later class which was taught by Honey.
During this seminar we were talking about the recent key events in the news which were the moving of the gypsies from Dale farm, which did bring a lot of different opinions from people in the class and it also got us talking about how images can portray the story and also talking about the roles of photographers and journalists in this case.
This then brought us up to the topic of heroic pieces of journalism. This was to get us to think about the ethics of a photographer and whether it’s their job to show the public what they want or what is happening.
As well as this, we also had to talk about the good and bad stereotypes of photojournalists and talk about their effects on the stories they publish and peoples opinions on journalists.
After doing this, we were then set a task of going around the Headingly campus and ask about their experience at university. This was a bit of a boundary tester for most people and myself because we’re first years going around asking complete strangers about their time at university.
I personally found it quite challenging because I’m not one to approach people to talk, especially due to the fact that I went around on my own. But I did thankfully hack up the courage to ask someone some of the questions, and it went a lot better than I thought. I got on really well with the guy and there were no awkward moments in the conversation and it did boost my self confidence about approaching people which is useful for me to gain as I will need it throughout my time at university.

Robot Solves Rubix’s Cube!

Just watched this video of a robot/machine thing completing a rubix cube in just over 5 seconds. I mean, that’s just ridiculous and amazing at the same time! I still don’t understand how the robot exactly assesses the moves it needs to take and check the sides all in such a short space of time, but I guess this is how fast technology and machinery is growing nowadays. Maybe one day I’ll come to manage to spend enough time to work out the correct way of solving one myself!

Stone Roses Reunite!

So it’s been announced that after 16 long years that one of the most influential bands in the rock culture are reforming, The Goddamn Stone Roses! I personally, am looking forward to them touring as well as supposedly producing new music. Unfortunately, a lot of people are suggesting that the legends of rock & roll are merely rejoining to gets some more cash in their pockets, which I can sort of agree with and understand their argument, but it’s the Stone Roses! And not all of us have had the opportunity to see them live due to the year I was born. So I think personally it’s a good thing they are re-joining as I am really looking forward to hearing the new music they produce and hopefully seeing them live next year at their hometown of Manchester!!! The Stone Roses Reunite

Landscape Post

This in an image of one of my friends sam, doing a very high and tweaked turndown over the large hip at Hyde Park in Leeds.Sam doing a turndown

Review of Foundation Project

We have now started and are mid-way through the foundation project. In this we have had to go into groups of 5 and create a zine on two key words from a set of options given to us.  Our group decided on the two key words of “Food” and “Decay”, we have then each come up with a separate topic around these two keys words and began to start work on these.

For my topic I decided to write about the diet of a student, this would incude debating about the stereotypes which are given to students as well as my own opinion and then also comments from students themselves.

I think it was important to do something like this as it was more of a challenge for myself as it is more journalistic side to which I am not fully used to. So this meant that I got to gain some experience on what was expected of me before I start the full course.
Doing this would then help me work on my journalism skills and make it less difficult on the other parts of the course.

One of the main problems I really encountered were just getting images which could relate to this theme. This was only a problem as at first I was unsure of what Ideas I could use which would be creative as well as giving me good images. But to solve this I made a list of all my ideas and then expanded on the ones which I thought would give me the best final product.
My final problem was the fact that I didn’t have the programme “Adobe Illustrator” on my personal laptop, which meant at first I couldn’t do any of the zine page design. To make sure I wasn’t doing just nothing I wrote all my text first with my images and then when I had chance I downloaded the programme and then made my design after and applied my other pieces to my work afterwards so that it all fitted together.

I think this foundation project helped me gain some basic skills on new software which hopefully I will be able to increase later on throughout the year so that when I do new projects it will be much easier for me to use them.