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Christmas Shenanigans

So I’ve not done much to this blog in a while, and since I was on the laptop I thought I’d just post a little comment about my day.

So I got woken up nice and early by my (not so little anymore) sister smashing into my room and then proceeding to trample her way down the stairs in excitement at 9 in the morning, with me slowly but surely following.

After this, we all started on the presents under the tree. With my sister throwing everyone else’s to one side burying for her own. I eventually found my main present which I had asked for several weeks earlier. Which was a 50mm lense for my camera.

Opening it up I was stoked and relieved that I had eventually got my hands on my own 50mm lense. I’d borrowed one a month or so earlier from a camera shop to try it out and I bloody loved! And I’ve been waiting since.

So after finishing off opening up the usual presents of shower gels, boxes of chocolates and the odd jumper or t-shirt we’d finished and to be honest, I had done pretty well. I’d gotten everything I had asked for plus more. As well as the lense I’d been dying to get my hands on.

After this I got a shower and got changed into the new clothes I’d recieved and tea was just about ready. I helped put all the dishes and stuff in the dining room on the table and we were ready to go! And I’ve gotta say, my mum never fails to amaze me with the amount of food she makes and how great it tastes! It’s brilliant!

After this we had an hour or so break between the large main course and desert in which I got to (eventually) mess around with my lense. Put it on my camera and was running round the house taking pictures of absolutely everything. So much so I started to feel like a bit of a tourist in my own house.

I got a couple of nice pictures of my very dramatic and photogenic cat, which always strangely seems to appear when I get my camera out in the house. And as well as this, just a couple of test shots using the wide apertures with the dropped out backgrounds.

All in all, I’ve had a great day and I’m in love with my lense. And I would definately advise any camera fanatic to have one for their equipment as they can always come in handy with any type of photography.

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Reflection – List Articles

With this seminar, we began talking about the use and effectiveness of list articles.

Karl was talking about how these types of articles are great for giving a large amount of information or tips in a small space. As well as being very eye catchy for people with short attention spans, they are also easy to format for online and print use.

I personally think that these are a great way to start of working for as they are quick and simple to make, and also they can be easily aimed around a topic/ subject which I am interested in, or which I can write about easily.

He then went on to talk about how they are a god format for photographic journalists as they not only allow you to write an article, but you can also add images along with your points which can be very useful for the reader as it makes it more appealing.
To add to this, he also said that they are very popular online, which is great news for when the internet is becoming a lot more used in this line of field. And also that they are generally commissioned by editiors from freelancers. So if I were ever to attempt to send in one to an editor when I began working in this field, I would have a better chance if I were a freelancer, which will probably happen when I first start working.

After going through this, he then asked us to attempt to make our own list article for our blog of rather one of the choices he had given us, or one of our own.
I decided to create my own around tips on how to shoot sports photography in the key areas of skateboarding and bmxing, as I have more experience in this area of photography and think I have some useful tips for people.

So I planned out my tips and got 9 and then got the images to go along with it and then put it all together and I personally think that the tips and images that went along with it were quite good, so I think for this task I did quite a good job on the work needed as I stuck to something that I had information on.