Sports PhotoShoot Plans

For this photoshoot I will be aiming my photography around two extreme sports which are skateboarding and bmx.

I will stick to these two as not only do I enjoy doing these sports in my spare time, I also have a lot of friends who are at high levels in both sports so this allows me to get better pictures which look more impressive and are more aesthetically pleasing.

As this photo shoot is on the use of different lense types, this will mean I will have to experiment with the lense I have and ones I can try to get hold of. As well as this, I will have to be experimental with each type to show the different qualities between the lenses.

For this I will firstly write down the lenses I am going to use, what they are good for, and how I can put this into my work.
50mm – Portraiture/macro
I could shoot portraits of each stereotype of skater or could do macro photography of objects that relate to skateboarding.

Telephoto Lense – Long distance photography
This will allow me to be further away from the subject I am shooting, but will also mean I can use a wider aperture and drop-out the background to add more focus to the subject that I would like.
As well as this, It also means I can experiment with the composition of my shots and add objects into the foreground which can add more character to the image.

Fisheye Lense
As the main purpose of a fisheye is to increase the degree of vision in the image within a short distance, this means  I can apply this to my imagery so that I can emphasize the height of the object which the character is doing a trick on or across.
Also, I can use low angles to get the base of the object as well so that it fills the foreground of the image and creates a nice composition.

Tilt Shift
 As tilt shift is not particularly used for action shots, but more for artistic shots, I’d like to try to use it to shoot street photographs but blurring out all the distractions around the subject to try add a calm feel to the busyness of the streets in a city centre.

These lenses are more of creative style lenses rather than just using the standard lense. Hopefully using these collection of lenses I can create a wide variation in my sports photographs

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