List article ideas

To begin with for ideas, I thought I would make a basic list of ideas which can incorporate my photography that I will use in Tony’s class.
And for these photoshoots I have the 5 themes of:
– Sports
– Urban Landscape
– Halloween
– Tropical World
– Markets

So for these I then decided to put down a few ideas for each for how I could put them into a list article.

 For sports, I chose a sub-topic of skateboarding as it’s what I’m doing my photos on.
– Facts about the history of skateboarding
– The advancement of the professionalism of skateboarding
– Places/ SkateSpots in Leeds to visit

Urban Landscape:
– Top shops to visit in Leeds
– Facts about the city of Leeds
– Top tourist locations

– Best costumes to make
– How-to Make-up tutorial
– The pagan halloween and it’s history

Tropical World:
– Animals and wildlife of tropical world
– Reasons to visit
– Favourite animals of tropical world

– Reasons to go to the German market
– What’s to find in the Leeds market

After writing a few ideas to each, I then cut down to my top three and wrote a few notes for each on what I could possibly write and photograph for them.

The pagan halloween and it’s history:
As I have family members which follow the pagan religion it means my eyes have been opened to the other views of halloween and what it means to them.
They find it is the one day of the year in which they believe that our world is closest to the dead they celebrate this as a paying respect to their lost loved ones.
So to do a list article on this would be very interesting as I could explain the simple ideas of what it is about to people who may of never seen this side of the holiday.

Top tourist locations in Leeds
Being brought up in Leeds allows me to know about places visitors to the city they may never be able to experience during their stay here, so making a list of the top few and giving a small description of what these places have to offer and their details so they can find them and go to them during their stay.
The photos would fall underneath the “urban landscape” section easily and would allow me to gain a variety of shots with very different places and areas of Leeds.

Places/SkateSpots in Leeds to visit

This idea appeals most to me personally as it’s on something I can write quite well about and have already got a few decent photos relating to this genre of photography.
Also, Leeds as a city is filled with lots of popular and well known places which skateboarders and bmxer’s travel to visit.
These places are generally quite photogenic so it will make my photos much more interesting and appealing to the viewers.




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