800 Word Essay – New Architectural Builds in Leeds

Leeds, one of the highest populated and visited towns in the UK; with this the city is always adapting and advancing in not only its character as a city, but also its aesthetical looks.
In the past few years, Leeds has seen a large advancement in the look around the city. It has taken a new, much more modern appearance due to the new developments that are popping up around the city centre.

Before all this, there were only a few modern looking buildings that were in the city, but lately it seems there has been quite a few built up so now the city has a rather peculiar contrast between modern and traditional looking buildings beside one another.

It seems that all of these modern buildings have begun to overshadow the traditional buildings in the city landscape and it has caused different opinions from people.
Some people believe that they don’t look attractive in the slightest while others can’t get enough of them.

With opinions to one side, I think one thing people can agree on is the fact that these new buildings, even through their high costs and not always aesthetically appealing looks, are bringing more trade into the city.

Not only are these new developments bringing in more trade, they are also bringing in new jobs. With the economic state that we are in, with the recession still going on throughout the country, having the opportunities to add to the jobs in the city is great thing for Leeds and the people living here.

There are a few building which are quite recently built which I think have had the most major effects around the city.

Broadcasting Place “Rusty” Building.

The first building I’d like to talk about is the broadcasting building, which is also known as the “Rusty” building.

Rusty Building Leeds

Broadcasting Place Building

This structure has brought upon a lot of controversy due to it’s purposefully rusted steel build to give it a worn and used look.

Even with all the negative opinions towards this building it has already in it’s short time of being finished become the “best tall building in the world”, which beat competition from the likes of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Which, at 828m, is more than 11 times higher than Broadcasting Place which is less that 70 meters tall. It also beat the 163m Pinnacle at Duxton in Singapore and the 366m Bank of America tower in New York.

Not only has this building gained awards, but the main use of this building is not only to be the faculty for Leeds Metropolitan University, it also holds some accommodation for students. So this building not only provides a place for students to learn, but it also even gives some of them a place to stay.

Bridgewater Place “Darlek” Building.

My second choice of important new builds in Leeds is the infamous “Darlek” Building, properly known as Bridgewater place.

Bridgewater Place

Bridgewater Place

It gets it’s nickname for its similar looks to the Darleks from the Doctor Who TV show.

Not only is it unfortunate enough to gain such an unattractive nickname, it has also been nominated as one of  the worst new buildings in the UK for 2008.

This may add a negative to this building, but it’s not to underestimated due to it being the tallest building in Leeds and has also become the tallest in Yorkshire.

Bridgewater place also contains Yorkshire’s tallest scuplture which is a massive 17.5 metres high.
The sculpture, named ‘Hello Friends’ was made by artists Bryan Davies and Laura Davies.

Bridgewater Place offers 32 storeys of several uses. Twenty are residential purposes which holds 200 flats, then 10 storeys are for offices whilst the last two are used for carparks for both residential and commercial for the other parts of the building.
If that wasn’t enough, the building also holds a variety of shops which include a ghd store, a tescos, a casa mia and a Starbucks just to mention a few.

This building may not look the part, but it definitely does do it’s part in helping out with putting money back into the city and due to its size and looks, even when people don’t like the look of it they still talk about it.

The Trinity Shopping Centre.

Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre

Whilst the other two buildings I have spoken about have being built for a few years now, this final one is still currently in the middle of being built up.

This new shopping centre is said to have more 120 stores inside with the likes of Topshop, primark, hollister, H&M, River Island and YO Sushi. As well as a 40,000 sq ft Everyman Cinema.

This will definately boost the economic state in Leeds for the good with a suggested £1.93bn market potential due to the 5.5 million consumers that will come through the shops in their first year.

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