List Article – Top Spots In Leeds

Leeds is well known for not only its strong skate and bmx scene, but also for the vast amount of street “spots” around the city.
Some much more famous than others, but all are very good quality for a range of talents and abilities.

In this article I’ll be going through some of the top places to visit whilst you’re in the city to make the trip worth your while.
All with very different types of spots there’s something for every type of style out there.

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10. Bank Under Bridge.

This bank is right at the front of Leeds city centre, just before the large Quarry House building. The way it’s placed means that it usually stays dry on most rainy days and also blocks most of the wind out too.

With it being made of brick though, it’s unfortunately a bit more difficult to get speed on a skateboard but it’s still very skateable.
There’s never a chance of being kicked out by anyone and the bank also increases with size the closer you get to the wall so you can always start at the bottom end and work your way up.


9. Leeds Uni Ledge Gap.

This ledge to gap is for much more experience riders/skaters due to it’s large drop, reasonable long gap and narrow run up and landing. But this is only one of the few spots in and around Leeds Univeristy.

There is plenty to be explored, but your time there may be cut short due to the security. This isn’t always the case as some days they may never come and ask you to leave whilst others they may turn up straight away.

So just make sure you know your way around the University first so you can just go from spot-to-spot if this ever happens to you.


 8. Millenium Square.

Millenium is a very relaxed and casual place to visit, not only is there this ledge here, there’s also a small 3-set which is great for learning new tricks on, a reasonably big ledge on the side of the higher steps; and also a curved wall-ride for bmx.

This spot is usually visited after a day’s session up and Hyde Park and you all want to try out the spots through town.

It’s fun to skate as it’s nice and opened up to a large square in the centre and it will give you some time to just sit down and have a laugh with your friends and spend as much or as little time as you want there.

7. Needleside.

This local skater made skate-only (worth mentioning) spot is brilliant and well hidden away.
It consists of a long strip of concrete with a quarter at the end with a flat-bank on the other side, then a stretched out smaller hubba-like quarter to the right-hand side.
And the wall on the left-hand side slightly transitioned at the bottom to allow quite rather large wall-rides and any other experimentation you may think of.

This perfect and fun skatespot is most definately worth visitng. If not for the skating, but for also the fact that this has being built by a few people in their own time and money put into it just so that they have something they can skate without getting hassle of anyone.

When you are there, you really can feel the local and homely presence of this spot and I bet you’re wondering. “Well why isn’t it at the top of the list instead of 7th!?”
Well the simple answer to that is the travel.
This spot is actually in fact, not in the centre of Leeds, but on the outskirts in a place called “Kirkstall”. It’s placed beside the train track bridge which goes across the main road.

If this spot was in the centre of Leeds, I believe if it weren’t already knocked down. It would of being demolished by some kids or would be a hanging point for them.

6. Quarry House.

This is another spot which is at the bottom of Leeds City Centre/Town.
It is found behind the back of the Quarry House building, or if you don’t know what that is, it’s behind the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

As well as having a variety of heights in ledges, (some even with a bit of a gap at the end) it also has a 4-set which can be easily ollied up as well as down.
With a reasonably smooth pathway around it, the only problem is the patches of stones around the footpaths which may roll onto the path for you to get caught in your wheels. So keep an eye out!

5. Canal Ghetto Ledge Spot.

This is yet another local made skatespot which is very well built.

Built on the remains of a old warehouse, it is a short walkway down from the back of the train station if you follow the canal away from Leeds.

The ledge is around 2 and a half feet tall so it’s great for beginners but also not too small for experience riders.
They have also built it on a strip of perfectly smooth concrete so there’s a great run-up! And they’ve even put some old coping on the edge to make it easy to grind.

This being the major object at this spot, but there’s also a small polejam as well as a reasonably big gap too.

If you do plan to go to this spot, make sure to take plenty of drinks and food as there is no shops in the close area and with no shade about, in summer it can get ridiculously hot here.

4. Hyde Park 5 Set & Benches.

Probably one of the newest skatespots to appear in Leeds. This spot is built up behind the business building of Leeds University on the edge of Hyde Park.

The 5 set has a quite long run up which is a bit gritty but still okay to roll on and the benches are in front of the stairs. These benches are made of wood but have the edges waxed up so they are slide able.
They are also quite high so it would be used for more skilled people but they can be easily used.

3. West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Probably one of the most famous skate spots in Leeds.

This spot consists of the famous red-brick 10 stairs, the large brick steps and the large concrete seats.
The steps and seats lead up to the stairs to create a nice styled line in video parts.

The stairs are not too high, but they are quite long and do have quite a slippy landing, so getting the right speed and landing tricks cleanly is a must or you’ll be going flying!

2. The Works.

This indoor skatepark has been open for around 8 years and has been growing and growing since it’s doors first open.

The park allows all extreme sport types in and has several areas in around the park for all styles.
The people who own and run the park are great people, they’re always trying to make the park better and there’s always something new added to the park.

Teams usual visit the park and competitions go on through the year, so there is always something interesting going on at the park.
All details of their opening hours, prices and directions can be found here on the website

1. Hyde Park.

This has definately got to be one of the most important places to visit during your time at Leeds. Not only is the home place for one of the oldest going bmx crews LS6 BMX, it has also got a lot of old skater locals too.

This park has a great presence about it and always has a great atmosphere around in summer with the large collection of students soaking up the sun.

It’s perfect contrast of street and park objects makes it great for all types of riders so whatever your mood, there always something for you. The mini is usually a great start for a session then the ledges, manual pad and the large flat bank are used most of the day when people start getting into the mood.

Even if your not up for doing too much whilst your there, you can sit on the grass surrounding the park with your friends and have a nice relaxing drink with your friends so it makes a great day out for everyone.

With a bunch of takeaways and a one-stop round the corner means there’s no worries about lack of food or drink through the day.

Hyde Park is probably one of the best planned out parks in the country and is nothing but high quality so make sure you visit this park or you’ll regret missing out on the amazing experience.

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