Market Photoshoot Plans

For this photoshoot I will be going around the Leeds City Market as it is a very traditional and photogenic place to visit.

It is one of the few places left that still does have its old styled look to it in the city of Leeds.
In the market there are a variety of stalls such as the fresh meat and fish isles which have been there for years and are quite photogenic.

I’d also like to concentrate on what the building itself looks like on the inside and out as it does stand out quite a lot and the features inside are well designed.

Ideas I have already are to:

– Shoot a central shot down one of the pathways in portrait to get the length of the pathway as well as the roof in the shot and try do a long shutters

– A frontal shot of one of the fish stalls but attempt to crop it into a medium format styled shot.

I’ll try to present the much more traditional and cultural style out of the images to present the market and it’s history.

About Jordan Thomas

Photographer, skateboarder, musician and student!

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