Tropical World Photoshoot Plans

As the aim of this photoshoot is to work around shutter speed this leaves me to experiment around with what my images can look like.

As there is a lot of  wildlife that is in and around tropical world so it would be nice to present a good collection of all the varieties.
There’s fish, birds, butterflies, reptiles, lots of tropical greenery and even an artificial waterfall. With all these subjects to shoot I will have a wide selection of images in which I can range from fast and slow shutter speeds.

Some of my main ideas are to:
– Get some images of the strong bold colours of the butterflies wings contrasting agains the light greens and browns of the leaves and trees in the butterfly area.

– Try get a family group shot of the meerkats all stood up on their hind legs whilst ontop of their home.

– Long shutter of the flowing of the waterfall.

– Portrait of some of the more photogenic retiles, such as the snakes of the crocodiles.

I think for me to gain faster shutter speeds I will have to use quite a wide open aperture due to the mix of artificial and natural lighting in tropical world.

And to do a slow enough exposure to capture a smooth flow of the waterfall I will rather have to use a tripod or a wall, but I would much prefer to use a tripod as I can then use it for other shots I may want to try.

About Jordan Thomas

Photographer, skateboarder, musician and student!

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