Urban Landscape Photoshoot Plans

Leeds has a great scenery in and around the city centre and is filled with urban character.
There is plenty of large new buildings which stand out as well so I have lots of opportunities and variety to choose from.

The skyline of Leeds is great as well so looking for higher up places will be something I’ll be trying to do with this photoshoot.
This will then also allow me to use my tripod on long exposures and to also do several exposures and layer them over the top in photoshop.

I would also like to experiment with light trails from passing cars in a scene to add to the urban feel of the shots.

As i’ll be doing long exposures I will definately have to take a tripod with me as well as warm clothing with the weather being so cold.
I’ll take an assortment of lenses to try to gain different looks to my shots as well.

This photoshoot will require the most use of photoshop out of the rest but I hopefully don’t want to overuse it in my shots so that they still look natural and not just edited.

About Jordan Thomas

Photographer, skateboarder, musician and student!

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