About Myself

My name’s Jordan. I’m 18 and currently studying Photographic Journalism and Leeds Metropolitan University.

The main types of photography that I like to shoot are things like sports, portraits and urban photography. With sports photography, I tend to stay more around the extreme sports area such as skateboarding and bmxing as these are some of my other hobbies outside of photography.
As well as these hobbies, I am also play guitar which I have being doing now for around 3 and a half years.

The equipment that I use for my photoshoots at the moment are:
Canon EOS 450D Camera Body with:
– Canon 18-55mm Stock lense
– Canon 55-200mm Telephoto lense
Canon AE-1 Film Camera with 50mm lense.

Having being a skateboarder I am inspired by a lot of different american photographers who have their work published in skateboarding magazines. This is likewise for things such as bmx photography as well.
Don mccullin is also one my favourite photographers not only because of his astonishing work, but also due to his commitment and strong passion for photography which has taken him to so many dangerous and war strucken countries. Looking at his work and being able to feel the honest true life shock and fear in the characters faces that he always is able to capture always want me to push myself to work on being able to capture the moment in any photo so that the viewer can see and feel the action in my images.

What I really want to achieve with my photography and my journalism is to be able to work for sports magazines and have the ability to go on tours with companies and travel. Having the ability to be chosen to follow a team of riders or skaters to take photos for them and write about the stories of their travels would be something I would enjoy more than anything.




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