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Reflection On Ethics & Photo Journalism

So unfortunately, in this seminar our tutor Mike couldn’t make it due to illness, so our class had to join with a later class which was taught by Honey.
During this seminar we were talking about the recent key events in the news which were the moving of the gypsies from Dale farm, which did bring a lot of different opinions from people in the class and it also got us talking about how images can portray the story and also talking about the roles of photographers and journalists in this case.
This then brought us up to the topic of heroic pieces of journalism. This was to get us to think about the ethics of a photographer and whether it’s their job to show the public what they want or what is happening.
As well as this, we also had to talk about the good and bad stereotypes of photojournalists and talk about their effects on the stories they publish and peoples opinions on journalists.
After doing this, we were then set a task of going around the Headingly campus and ask about their experience at university. This was a bit of a boundary tester for most people and myself because we’re first years going around asking complete strangers about their time at university.
I personally found it quite challenging because I’m not one to approach people to talk, especially due to the fact that I went around on my own. But I did thankfully hack up the courage to ask someone some of the questions, and it went a lot better than I thought. I got on really well with the guy and there were no awkward moments in the conversation and it did boost my self confidence about approaching people which is useful for me to gain as I will need it throughout my time at university.