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Review of Foundation Project

We have now started and are mid-way through the foundation project. In this we have had to go into groups of 5 and create a zine on two key words from a set of options given to us. ¬†Our group decided on the two key words of “Food” and “Decay”, we have then each come up with a separate topic around these two keys words and began to start work on these.

For my topic I decided to write about the diet of a student, this would incude debating about the stereotypes which are given to students as well as my own opinion and then also comments from students themselves.

I think it was important to do something like this as it was more of a challenge for myself as it is more journalistic side to which I am not fully used to. So this meant that I got to gain some experience on what was expected of me before I start the full course.
Doing this would then help me work on my journalism skills and make it less difficult on the other parts of the course.

One of the main problems I really encountered were just getting images which could relate to this theme. This was only a problem as at first I was unsure of what Ideas I could use which would be creative as well as giving me good images. But to solve this I made a list of all my ideas and then expanded on the ones which I thought would give me the best final product.
My final problem was the fact that I didn’t have the programme “Adobe Illustrator” on my personal laptop, which meant at first I couldn’t do any of the zine page design. To make sure I wasn’t doing just nothing I wrote all my text first with my images and then when I had chance I downloaded the programme and then made my design after and applied my other pieces to my work afterwards so that it all fitted together.

I think this foundation project helped me gain some basic skills on new software which hopefully I will be able to increase later on throughout the year so that when I do new projects it will be much easier for me to use them.

Induction Week Reflection

I’ve just had my first introduction¬†week at Leeds Met for my new course Photographic Journalism.
This introductory week has allowed us to learn our way around the campus slightly and to also meet the others who are studying as well. With the first few days out of the way we started our foundation project.

The foundation project is a way of being able to work on our basic skills which can then be used throughout the proper projects. As well as this it also gave us time to create our new wordpress blogs!
The main problems really with the induction week was just getting our bearings around the campus and also getting to know people, thankfully there was help on campus with the likes of older students showing us around and then to get around the case of meeting everyone we had special tasks set through the week which helped us get to know one another.

I am really looking forward to getting more into the course and settling in better with the others.
What I aim to do next is to keep ontop of my work and to gain lots of new skills and good experiences throughout the year!