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Urban Landscape Photoshoot Plans

Leeds has a great scenery in and around the city centre and is filled with urban character.
There is plenty of large new buildings which stand out as well so I have lots of opportunities and variety to choose from.

The skyline of Leeds is great as well so looking for higher up places will be something I’ll be trying to do with this photoshoot.
This will then also allow me to use my tripod on long exposures and to also do several exposures and layer them over the top in photoshop.

I would also like to experiment with light trails from passing cars in a scene to add to the urban feel of the shots.

As i’ll be doing long exposures I will definately have to take a tripod with me as well as warm clothing with the weather being so cold.
I’ll take an assortment of lenses to try to gain different looks to my shots as well.

This photoshoot will require the most use of photoshop out of the rest but I hopefully don’t want to overuse it in my shots so that they still look natural and not just edited.

Market Photoshoot Plans

For this photoshoot I will be going around the Leeds City Market as it is a very traditional and photogenic place to visit.

It is one of the few places left that still does have its old styled look to it in the city of Leeds.
In the market there are a variety of stalls such as the fresh meat and fish isles which have been there for years and are quite photogenic.

I’d also like to concentrate on what the building itself looks like on the inside and out as it does stand out quite a lot and the features inside are well designed.

Ideas I have already are to:

– Shoot a central shot down one of the pathways in portrait to get the length of the pathway as well as the roof in the shot and try do a long shutters

– A frontal shot of one of the fish stalls but attempt to crop it into a medium format styled shot.

I’ll try to present the much more traditional and cultural style out of the images to present the market and it’s history.

Christmas Shenanigans

So I’ve not done much to this blog in a while, and since I was on the laptop I thought I’d just post a little comment about my day.

So I got woken up nice and early by my (not so little anymore) sister smashing into my room and then proceeding to trample her way down the stairs in excitement at 9 in the morning, with me slowly but surely following.

After this, we all started on the presents under the tree. With my sister throwing everyone else’s to one side burying for her own. I eventually found my main present which I had asked for several weeks earlier. Which was a 50mm lense for my camera.

Opening it up I was stoked and relieved that I had eventually got my hands on my own 50mm lense. I’d borrowed one a month or so earlier from a camera shop to try it out and I bloody loved! And I’ve been waiting since.

So after finishing off opening up the usual presents of shower gels, boxes of chocolates and the odd jumper or t-shirt we’d finished and to be honest, I had done pretty well. I’d gotten everything I had asked for plus more. As well as the lense I’d been dying to get my hands on.

After this I got a shower and got changed into the new clothes I’d recieved and tea was just about ready. I helped put all the dishes and stuff in the dining room on the table and we were ready to go! And I’ve gotta say, my mum never fails to amaze me with the amount of food she makes and how great it tastes! It’s brilliant!

After this we had an hour or so break between the large main course and desert in which I got to (eventually) mess around with my lense. Put it on my camera and was running round the house taking pictures of absolutely everything. So much so I started to feel like a bit of a tourist in my own house.

I got a couple of nice pictures of my very dramatic and photogenic cat, which always strangely seems to appear when I get my camera out in the house. And as well as this, just a couple of test shots using the wide apertures with the dropped out backgrounds.

All in all, I’ve had a great day and I’m in love with my lense. And I would definately advise any camera fanatic to have one for their equipment as they can always come in handy with any type of photography.

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Intro to exposure

So for this lecture we were going through the explanation of exposure.
This included the three major factors which are:
– Shutter Speed
– Aperture
We then went through these in slight description to understand how they work and how they can affect their image in their separate ways.
As ISO is the sensitivity of the film/sensor in the camera, this means that when you use a higher ISO it will be much more sensitive meaning that it is easier to shoot in darker lighting.
The shutter speed decides how long the shutter stays open, which means that depending if it’s bright the photographer can use a fast shutter speed to gain the correct exposure, or they can use a longer exposure if it’s dark so that it’s not too under exposed.
The aperture then controls the size of diaphragm which controls the amount of light which falls onto the shutter. So the wider the aperture the faster the image is going to be exposed. But then the wider the aperture is the lower the depth of field will be in the image.

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